Thomas Pizer Designer

After graduating from of one of the world’s most renowned photography schools, Thomas Pizer’s life led him to become in turn an advertising photographer, a humanitarian worker with 15 years of experience with the International Red Cross in many war torn countries, and finally, returning to his art, as a multi media graphic designer as well as a digital artist. He also is the founder of the association Aquaverde, devoted to saving the Amazon rainforest with indigenous tribes in Brazil.

“… I was wandering, ecstatic, on a tiny jungle trail, attentive to every step, this great intense and beautiful nature commanding respect and humility. Old Marimop, my adoptive father from the Amazon forest approaches, hopping like a elf, with a mocking grin, his bow in one hand and a stem in the other: “chew, chew , but you no swallow. Perigoso!” I soon find myself with a totally anesthetized mouth! 

“We use this plant against toothache ,” he says, laughing. This forest is life, we barely perceive the path in front of us, we fear loosing our way but there is always a guide, he is welcoming but will turn deadly if you forget respect. He is the Jaguar, emblem of these fierce little men with multicolored feathers.

One day, as the shaman allowed me into his his world, the Forest said: You, you are the future, do not look behind, forget the despair of the past, create the way, you will always be welcome here, walk without fear under my branches, drink in my springs and remember,  just say these words: ”Let there be light ! “ and the forest laughs at my dismay. I turn around and what do I see?  A path which would have been so different, a lifetime of learning, made of passion, encouters, openness, love for the other, compassion and a quest for everlasting greater awareness. Friends and families around the world, the sense life on this planet, of Being…”

Thomas Pizer


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